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The Astrologer Daily: July 20th, 2012

Ruthless Compassion and Manners

By Dr. Marcia Sirota man-yelling

In this video episode of Ruthless Compassion, Dr. Marcia Sirota talks about how to deal with a rude or bullying person. Sometimes, we can find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation and we allow ourselves to go through this because we feel the need to avoid an argument or a confrontation. But eventually, avoiding confrontations or trying to be “too” nice becomes a habit. This confrontational avoidance habit can get to the point that we allow ourselves to be hurt and/or we ignore our personal needs of how we want to be treated. Dr. Sirota offers Ruthless Compassion tips to help you respectfully stand up for yourself and stop the cycle of always trying to avoid  confrontations, often at your own expense.

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