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Relaxed Soul: Spirituality is Good for Your Mind, Body, & Spirit…

According to Science

by Dr Paul HaiderRelaxed-Soul

There have been countless scientific articles showing that when we have deep seated beliefs in something bigger than ourselves we cope better, have less aches and pains, we feel more positive about life, our relationships are enhanced… and we are just plainly happier.

Even atheists who don’t believe in God, if they believe in science they too have a sense of spirituality with something to grasp hold of when all else fails.

Also many scientific papers show that spirituality enhances life because of the great social network that it brings to a person. People who care and are there when times are hard… when a person needs someone to talk too… helping them through the ripples in the pond of life.

Tons of scientific articles have shown that having some sort of faith also heals the body of all the little aches and pains, also having much less anxiety and fear, and less suffering. Other studies have shown that people of faith have more endorphins running through their brain compared to those that don’t have faith… thus they are happier.

What faith you have… doesn’t really seem to matter, people get caught up in the good and bad of his or her faith. But in reality none of that matters, what matters is that we do have something powerful to hold onto bringing structure to our life.

Thus giving life meaning and allowing peace to filter in… and thus ending the cycle of fear.

Many Blessings

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