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Planetary Attraction

The Eleventh House

Planetary Attraction

planetary-attraction_GaiamTV_OMTimesNew Episodes of The Eleventh House every Friday

Robert Phoenix discusses the two planets that represent masculinity and femininity, Mars and Venus and the planetary attraction between them.  These two planets have both partaken in interesting celestial activity. Venus went into Capricorn and just recently came out of it while Mars is currently in the sign of Libra. Watch this episode of The Eleventh House to find out how these changes can affect your relationships.

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About The Eleventh House

In astrology, the eleventh house represents groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, as well as social ills and injustices. Ruled by Aquarius, it inspires the spiritual and idealistic social forces that will ease our transition into the Age of Aquarius. Journey with Robert Phoenix through the Eleventh House to explore the astrology, symbolism, and meta-nature of key events that are shaping our society and collective destiny. New episodes on Fridays. Past episodes on demand daily.

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