Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

If your birthday is between February 20 – March 19, you are a Pisces

Charming Venus enters your Career Sector on the 1st, helping you to make a good impression on your superiors in early December. This is also a favorable time to go on job interviews and make professional presentations. Adventurous Jupiter trines Neptune, your ruling planet, on the 2nd, urging you to go on an overseas trip. You can also expand your horizons by trying an unfamiliar cuisine or taking up a spiritual practice. Mental Mercury goes retrograde on the same day, possibly forcing you to revise a big project. On the 3rd, the Full Moon brings a stressful family situation to light. Be honest about a troubled relative's problems. Aggressive Mars moves into your Advanced Knowledge Sector on the 9th. It's worth fighting for a spot in a challenging course. This is also a good time to enter a writing competition. A square between vain Venus and Neptune on the 10th warns against flattering an authority figure. You'll only look suspicious if you heap compliments on a powerful person. A trine between the empowering Sun and surprising Uranus on the 16th could result in an unexpected raise or lucrative job offer. The New Moon on the 17th invites you to apply for a high-profile position or political office. Work opportunities involving travel, education and publishing are especially favored. Stable Saturn moves into your Friendship Sector on the 19th, causing you to move in some exalted circles. Who you know can be more important than what you know. Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, making it easier to get your point across to the public. A trine between energetic Mars and Neptune on the 27th could prompt you to travel to a mystic land in the closing days of December.

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