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Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

If your birthday is between February 20 – March 19, you are a Pisces

Do you feel truly at one with who you are? Your challenge this January is to reconcile the real you with the image you feel forced to portray. For a start, a Solar Eclipse on January 5th prevents you from expressing your individuality in some way, and you'll find this curtailment of your freedom hard to bear. Once Venus shifts into your career zone on January 7th, it's all charm and smiles at work, but you have a motive behind all this charm - advancement. In order to work your way up the ladder, you may have to conform to certain expectations. Events around the 13th highlight how difficult you find this. You're a heart-on-the-sleeve kind of person and projecting a particular image is tricky for you. As Jupiter squares up to Neptune, the mask may slip, and you'll discover that you cannot control what other people think of you. Hang on in there, because a positive trine between your career zone and your money zone on January 18th shows that success is imminent. In order to enjoy this success without sacrificing your identity, you need a radical shake up of the way you approach work. This comes right on cue via the Lunar Eclipse on January 20th, which enables you to step out of the mold and tread your own path. A couple of days later a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your career zone shows that you've made the right decision. You no longer have to choose between your principles or your future success - congratulations, this is an important step.

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