Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

If your birthday is between February 20 – March 19, you are a Pisces

Perhaps you've spent the last few years in many ways trying to be something you're not - but planetary events this May should put that right and allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin once more. Events on May 7th and 8th may make you feel that enough is enough, prompting an emotional outburst or perhaps a truth-telling session. If you have been following someone else's dream, at the expense of your own, this showdown could feel especially important. All that is about to change. On May 15th, Uranus arrives in your intellect zone, inspiring you with ideas which may well seem completely ahead of their time - but these are ideas you can use, and which could change the course of your career or your ambitions. Don't be afraid if some people find your sudden change of attitude offensive or shocking. You have what it takes now to become a thought leader, so shine your light brightly and don't allow others to dim it. On May 25th, a healing and inspirational Jupiter-Neptune trine shows you exactly where you are meant to be. There's a spiritual edge to this aspect which ties in with your past lives and your karma, so expect some strange but beautiful coincidences in the air too. A Full Moon on May 29th falls in your leadership zone, again underlining the fact that this is your time to shine. If others don't like or don't approve of your leadership... it's even more important that they should experience it!

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