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Perfect Holiday Gift Scents by the Sign

By Avery Coleperfect-holiday-gift-scents-by

Now that the holidays are upon us, some may have that nagging question, “What gift do I get?” That’s  a question we all ponder at one time or another whether it’s for a holiday or birthday or some other special event.  One item you might want to purchase for someone is an aromatherapy essential oil gift. Aromatherapy, the use of pure plant essential oils, has been around for thousands of years believe it or not.  It’s not a fad, even Cleopatra used aromatic scents from plants! The essential oil’s aroma hits the limbic system part of the brain, known for triggering emotions, reactions, responses and memory recall.  This will bring subtle changes in mood, emotions and energy.  Smelling essential oils awakens that mind, body and soul connection.

A unique way to embrace that mind, body and soul connection is through astrology aromatherapy.  After all one’s personality is partially from their zodiac Sun sign.  Haven’t you met a stubborn Taurus or an indecisive Libra?

The astrology Sun sign, although not the only astrological sign, is the most common and widely referred since it descriptions your personality, your inner self.   Learning about your Sun sign is an entertaining way to discover who you are.

Aries (March 21- April 20,21), The Ram needs more joy, confidence and positivity easily achieved with the aroma of citrus especially Grapefruit.  Arians are known for not always making the best choices so the aroma of Frankincense essential oil will help encourage stability to get to making better choices.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20,21), The Bull.  Grounding Sandalwood helps calm the Bull with tranquility while the sensual floral scent of Ylang Ylang opens the Taurian heart, enhancing the generous and sensual side, awakening the spiritual senses.

Gemini (May 21,22-June 21), The Twins.  Known for their dual personality and lack of decision making, Lemon and Basil essential oils encourages mental clarity and confidence,  uplifting the Twins spirit,  awakening the soul to believe in oneself.

Cancer (June 21,22-July 21,22), The Crab.  Since they are ruled by the Moon, the nurturing,  sensitive Cancerian is affectionate and intuitive but they are also moody. Mandarin essential oil aroma helps the Crab by its breath of happiness and sweetness getting them out of their shell.

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