The Astrologer Daily: August 3rd, 2012
Healing Remedies with Halite (aka Sea Salt)

Oracle- Forgiveness

By Darity WesleyOracle_Darity-Wesley_OM-Times

The energies and directions for the month of August are all about tapping into the immense beauty and opportunities that live beneath any emotional scars you carry.   This month of August is all about freeing up the energy you have tied to old feelings and failures and releasing this to free your spirit.  This is the time to do it!  August presents this very important time to take this step in your spiritual growth.  As you are evolving your consciousness and stepping into your true, authentic self,  this is one of the final lessons, learning and practicing the art of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the basis for spiritual work because it asserts that you can truly know and appreciate only your own life’s journey and perspective.  Forgiveness comes through turning your attention inward and using the spiritual energy of love to assess your own relationships.

As it is time to unbury and unburden yourself from the past, actions, events, grievances, perceived insults or disrespect.  This month is about moving these boulders out of your life and freeing up your spirit.  So many times your perspectives are colored by the actions, events or people in your life that have done something to you or that you think have done something to you or maybe even someone told you someone did or said something about you.  You may have past traumas that you have not dealt with at any level yet or maybe only partially or did not know what to do with that feeling of being a victim or at someone’s mercy and now is the time to bring these things up, to stop “thinking” about them, to get them out of your mind and into the ethers where they are transmuted and no longer exist.  Releasing and freeing you.

If you did not know, the act of forgiveness is really a spiritual initiative rather than a rational experience.  It is not grounded in the emotions or intellect. It is from the spirit.  I know from personal experience that it is difficult to forgive without keeping some small corner of your heart where you think they were wrong and you were right but that happens when you try to find a rational reason upon which to base forgiving someone when there really isn’t any.  Releasing any lingering remorse, guilt or anger through reasoning is impossible but when you finally, or for the first time, realize that not forgiving yourself and others limits the flow of love into your life, you become capable of forgiving others from a place deep within you.

It is from this deep place within you that the love flows and the realization that there is such a release behind letting go of the past resides.  No matter what it is or how horrendous it is, forgiveness from that place deep within releases your soul on its further journey and this month of August is the time for you to work on processing this spiritual experience for yourself.

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