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OM Radio Presents… Sound Effects The Future Evolution of Healing

Sound Effects Tuesdays 12pm EST with your host, one of the world’s leading sound-based therapist Dorinne Davis

Today’s show will focus on the sounds of the voice revealing the body’s cellular imbalances and how sound-based therapy can help balance bodies imbalances.  Joining Dorinne is a guest that will discuss how the analysis of her voice is helping support her macular degeneration.


Tuesday November 27th 12PM EST on CBS Newsky Radio

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Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis is a radio show exploring the effects of sound on the body and environment by the world’s foremost sound therapist.

About your host

dorinne-omradioDorinne S. Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARA is an international speaker in the field of sound therapy. She was the Key Note speaker at the International Sound Therapy Association November 2011 and has presented at many sound healing conferences such as the International Sound Healing Conference in 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the World Sound Healing Conference in 2007 San Francisco, California, and the Global Sound Conference 2008 in Marina Del Rey, California and many conferences related to learning and medical challenges including issues of autism, AD/HD, Williams syndrome, learning disabilities, dyslexia, chromosome imbalances, adoption, and more. She has presented in England, Australia, Korea, Spain, Austria, China, and Russia. The Davis Addendum to the Tomatis Effect was introduced to the United States in 2004 at the Acoustical Society of America and to Europe at the PAN European Voice Conference in the Netherlands in August 2007. At the ISSSEEM conference in 2011 she introduced the concept of an energy system between the voice, ear and brain. Websites discussing her work are and

Ms. Davis is the President/Founder of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ. She is the author of 5 books including her current best seller: The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link and her acclaimed: Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy. She has demonstrated the scientific principles behind the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection? in The Davis Addendum to The Tomatis Effect, and established The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy® from which her Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®) provides the correct administration of any sound-based therapy. Ms. Davis is credentialed in 20 different sound-based therapies and her background as an audiologist, educator and sound therapist provides the foundation to The Davis Center’s unique Total Person approach, called The Davis Model of Sound Intervention?. The Davis Center is considered the world’s premier sound therapy center and Ms. Davis is recognized as the world’s leading sound-based therapist. She has worked with thousands of people, young and old, learning challenged and normal, making change with their response to sound using sound-based therapies. Her work going forward bridges the gap between sound healing and sound-based therapy with the introduction of a new concept called ‘Ototoning’ and her patented device called the “Ototoner”.

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