Angel Card Reading for March 3 -9, 2014
The Astrologer Daily: March 2nd, 2014

New Moon Tarot Video Feb 28 to Mar 30, 2014

New Moon Tarot Video Feb 28 to Mar 30, 2014

New Moon Tarot Video for Feb 28 to Mar 30, 2014. Explore our Pisces New Moon astrology through the eyes of tarot. Elizabeth Schemer is a master tarot reading and a Mystery School teacher living in Seattle, USA.

I am an intuitive healer who uses the Tarot as a tool to help you connect with personal guidance and inner healing. These weekly intuitive readings are offered to help you access the full potentials of the week’s unique cosmic energies. Astrological information is contributed by Steven Shroyer of Seattle Astrology. You can learn more about our collaborative work at Thank you for viewing and blessings on your journey.


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