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The Astrologer Daily: October 17th, 2012

New Moon in Libra: Stoking up the LOVE

By Cindy Morris New-Moon-Libra

I am feeling the movement of the seasons as Autumn is full upon us here in Boulder. The coleus and impatiens who have adorned my garden with extravagant colors all summer have said their fond farewells with last week’s frost. Bright blue lobelias and petunias are still going strong as are a few stalwart marigolds. The leaves on the trees are doing their Fall dance, shifting from greens to shades of colors that only a Creator with the finest sense of BEAUTY could imagine. In the high country the aspens have already closed their show for the year as all of Nature in the Northern climes feels the turn inwards. Bears and racoons have been raiding the local trash bins and the squirrels are frantically running to and fro with apples, nuts, and I think I saw one wrestling a piece of pizza. Nature BALANCES herself, bustling about after the big show of Spring and Summer, preparing for the rest and revitalization time of Winter, reminding you to do the same.

So too do we feel the turn inwards as the cycle of the year directs us to flow with it. The NEW MOON in LIBRA on October 15th fuels the Venusian agenda and nothing we like better here on this gorgeous planet than a Venusian agenda. Venus rules the sign of Libra (it rules Taurus as well – at least for now). Libra concerns itself with harmony, balance, peace, relationships, equality, and justice.

No better time than RIGHT NOW to review your Self-care routine. Are you making yourself your priority in the frenzy of all that you feel you HAVE to do to keep your life going?

Re-prioritizing to create BALANCE in your life is the message of Venus-ruled Libra. Are you making time for pleasure as much as you make time for the bill-paying? Are you caring for your body, leaving plenty of time to nurture your skin, your muscles? Are you preparing foods that nurture and support the healthy functioning of all your parts? Are you keeping the flora and fauna balanced in your gut so your body is functioning with ease and grace?

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