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New Moon in Capricorn: Honor and Privilege

New Moon in Capricorn: Honor and Privilege

The 2014 calendar year begins in power and promise as celestial forces converge upon the crossroads of our new year. On rare occasion a New Moon will bless the turn of the year, in this case occurring in Capricorn, the House where the world is governed.

God’s new strategy for the world will soon reveal itself as structures and figures of oppression are rocked and ruined to make way for Divine governors and government to rise into power.medal of honor

I now share a glimpse into the year to come for all who are curious…

Expect the following to occur into the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12, 2014: the ejection of corruption from high offices, the creation of new governments, the collapse of despotic industries, the disgrace and ruin of notorious figures, the sanctioning of new economies, the promotion of new authority figures, the redistribution of geopolitical power, new budgets and resource allocations, popular outcry and successful demands for accountability, the implementation of inspired strategies, the redistribution of honor, rank, and reputation, and the building of the foundations of Heaven on Earth.

New identities will emerge for us all beginning on New Year’s Day beneath a supremely intense conjunction between the Sun and Pluto and squares between them to Mars in Libra. Events will bring our attention to what is in vital need of exposure, realization, transformation, healing, restructuring, cooperation, and rekindling.

Core problems will be impossible to ignore and powerful insight and perspective will lead to necessary changes. These energies will flush what is wrong from our lives wherever it exists so that only what is pure and promising remains. Expect the catalytic on New Year’s Day!

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