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The Astrologer Daily: January 30th, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius: Futures Unexpected

New Moon in Aquarius

 by Salvador Russo 

New-Moon-in-Aquarius_OMTimesTomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius, one long awaited in Heaven and on Earth, will open gateways into the unexpected future.  Dreams that have gone unanswered will soon be made real enabling joys, liberties, and infinite creative potentials to manifest.  What we think the future holds will soon be erased and replaced with divine sequences of events that race us into brilliant new stations within time and space.  As is the case with every New Moon a powerfully refreshing new chapter of life is about to begin!

I predict the following to occur beyond this New Moon in Aquarius:  the creation of a new internet, global humanitarian successes, enhancements to social support systems, unprecedented collaborative successes, the enrichment of conscious social networks, sudden endings to sorrows and injustices, enlightened visions of personal futures, radical leaps in consciousness and scientific understanding, the fulfillment of treasured personal goals, the manifestation of unforeseen and incredibly promising opportunity, great unifications and revolutionary achievements, and the entrance of Promethean figures.

Beginning tomorrow we should expect and seize upon events which lead us into higher quality versions of the future.  Radical changes in perspective will prove to be a driving force in the decisions and actions that lead us into more prosperous futures.  Life will have us seeing things quite differently so that we can envision what must be done not only for ourselves but for the greatest good of all life.  Communications will soon be brimming with enlightened knowledge, perspective, vision, and motivation for what must or should be done.  This New Moon in Aquarius will deliver cosmic clarity to us all.

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