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Moonlight-and-MagicFairies, Fantasy, and Family Fun! That is what you will find at Moonlight and Magic in Minnesota on Saturday, April 21st, 2012. Moonlight and Magic is a holistic health, psychic and music festival being presented by one of Best American Psychics’ very own. Leigh Cohen Wyatt is an esteemed member of both Best American Psychics and Best American Healers as well as a part of the elite OM Psychics. She is a certified life coach and psychic and has been sharing her gifts for the past twenty years. We are proud to have her and pleased to announce her special event. Leigh has worked diligently to assemble a great group of psychics, mediums, healers, and relevant vendors for your enjoyment and spiritual growth.

Moonlight and Magic promises to be charming and enlightening, as it will be staged in an Enchanted Forest setting and will feature meaningful, hands-on and interactive workshops as well as musical entertainment. Leigh has invited many well respected spiritual teachers, including two of her Best American Psychics colleagues. Maggie Chula will be presenting “Meeting Your Guide”. This workshop will include a guided meditation that will assist you in reaching a proper state of mind, connecting with your guide, and learning how to ask and receive information. Jeanne Crescenzo’s class, entitled “Introduction to Galactic Remembrance”, covers connecting to your cosmic origins. So anyone that feels a “special” connection to the stars won’t want to miss this one. Attendees can look forward to learning about power animals, shadow animals, animal spirit guides, and animal totems from two different teachers. Lena Swanson is a shamanic healer, psychic, and animal communicator, among other things.  Lisa Sellman is an accomplished teacher, author, and public speaker having the honor of working closely with the animal kingdom. Other class offerings include “Relaxation Hypnosis  Quantum Healing” and “Learning the Tarot” taught by Marie Savage and Kathy Wilkin, respectively. The classes will be taught every hour, on the hour and provide a great opportunity to learn from experts.

Several interesting psychics and intuitives will be on hand to give psychic readings. Leigh’s effort to cater to all tastes is apparent, as her readers range from astrologers, mediums, and psychics to tarot readers and a faeriologist. There truly is something for everyone! Speaking of mediums, three of the best mediums from the Twin Cities will join the panel: Michael Mapes, Jeanne Crescenzo and Amy Purdes. The event also includes “Let Their Voice Be Heard, A Medium Gathering.” This is just another of the special options available to attendees.

Those in the mood for a little shopping action won’t be disappointed by the vendors offering their products and services. Jewelry, crystals, stones, and natural soaps are a few examples of merchandise available. Holistic health practitioners will be more than happy to share about their particular modality for those seeking alternative and complementary approaches to health. Moonlight and Magic guarantees a chance to open the mind and raise the vibration. With choices like psychic cooking and green space design, it has to be a good bet for a great day!

And, if that weren’t enough, live music will be provided by Hanakia Zedek. Then, from 5:15 to 6:45 PM award winning singer/songwriter Gina Citoli will be presenting “A Cabaret of Consciousness”.  This lady has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York’s Battery Park. She promises to bring a message, give everyone something to think about, and entertain!  Those that have seen her performance can testify to its uplifting and hopeful impact. A feel good performance!

As founder of Best American Psychics, I highly recommend this event to folks in the Maple Grove area of Minnesota. Admission is five dollars and there are packages to choose from for the offerings of the day. Enjoy some or all of it. There’s even a certificate booklet available for purchase. It amounts to a $ 600 value of services offered by the vendors present on this day. So, everyone mark your calendars for April 21st and head on over to Cambria Suites, 9655 Grove Circle North, Maple Grove, MN, US, 55369 for Moonlight and Magic! The event is sponsored by Enlightened Guidance and more information on the event can be found at:!.

Thumbs-UpRecommended by Shay Parker of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics

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