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Mercury sextile Venus: Articulation

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Mercury sextile Venus: Articulation
photo: istockphotoMercury at 25 degrees Pisces forms a sextile to Venus at 25 degrees Taurus at 10:43 am PT.

Relationships and communications flow smoothly for a few days. We express ourselves genuinely and with a sensitivity for our listeners. We’re feeling cooperative and inclusive, with an innate grasp of social conventions.

Our speech is polished and articulate, our emotions soft and warm. This is a very idealistic time, when we hope for the best and possibly avoid looking at the worst-case scenario. A strong creative urge may move some people to take up their paintbrushes, get the guitar out of the case or do some creative writing.

Beauty speaks to us in ways that we normally can’t hear, so looking at art books or going to a museum is favored during the several days of this transit. Social interactions of all types go very well now, so plan a date or a party.

If you have Mercury sextile Venus as a natal aspect:

You’re blessed with the wonderful skill of negotiation, and you’re able to bring people together no matter how far apart they seem to be. You’ve got a great knack for finding some area where they agree, however small, and building your consensus from there. You think on your feet and are so sincere in your efforts to find agreement that others naturally lean toward you and follow your suggestions and your lead.

Socially, you are a quick study when it comes to protocol, behavior, manners, and the proper way to do things. You easily adapt to the local social convention. You don’t want to offend anyone so you pick up on cues and clues almost unconsciously. Your tastes are refined and you pay attention to your appearance and delivery.

Quick to take advantage of invitations, opportunities, and friendships, you find yourself with a busy social calendar, because your magnetic personality is always in demand. You’re a great listener, too, so friends often call to confide in you and ask for your advice. It’s easy to get along with you, and you’re a pleasure to work with as well as simply to be around.

The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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