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Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn: Reputations Precede

Mercury-in-CapricornMercury in Capricorn: In Astrology, Mercury now transits the House of Capricorn!  Responsibilities, obligations, duties, and the enforcement thereof will now become the talk of the town.  Communications will revolve around matters of the highest importance within our lives and in the world at large.  Knowledge will spread rapidly to raise or destroy reputation, build upon legacies, and to lead us into higher pinnacles of success.  Standards will rise by choice and force, lives will be measured, and performances scrutinized.  Blows and blessings to credibility will be powerful and impossible to hide.

Mercury in Capricorn compels us to think about how we carry ourselves to the world.  What image do we project and how can we improve our conduct so that our social rank rises in status?  Professionalism and maturity will come into focus as life events will soon demand higher standards with them.  This is not an energy to laugh through but one to honor by using our minds practically and productively to achieve goals and posture ourselves for great strategic victories.  Imagine where you wish to be within one or two years and use this energy to create and implement your ideal vision.

Interactions with authority, power, and prestige will be coming for us in varying degrees and circumstances.  Major corrections are coming for those who are wayward in spirit and major endorsements, supports, and opportunities are coming for those who love God and are climbing to Him through ascension.  Inspiration will now focus on what is legendary, renown, historically impressive, and worthy of global respect.  Great knowledge will impart new dignity and understanding to those on the Path.

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