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Mercury in Aquarius: When Lightning Strikes

Mercury in Aquarius: When Lightning Strikes

Mercury- Hermes: Greek God's project

Mercury- Hermes: Greek God’s project
by Isikol

Mercury now transits the House of Aquarius! The future of every soul will now be redirected by radical knowledge, paradigm shifts, surprise events, and higher consciousness perceptions. Synchronicities will explode in frequency as we are all lead into brilliant new timelines that journey toward great fulfillment and newfound liberty. Discussions and communications will now come with a touch of lightning…

I predict the following while Mercury transits Aquarius: radical leaps in consciousness, enlightened social perspectives, universally beneficial collaborations, breakthroughs in advanced sciences, sudden terminations of evil strategies, life changing epiphanies, revolutionary communications, the success of councils, metaphysical wonder working, cosmic enlightenment, social justice, joyous surprises, and the acquisition of godly knowledge.

The nature of Aquarian energy is unexpected so we can all expect daily surprises that electrify our lives, charge our minds, and invigorate our thoughts of the future. New opportunities, concepts, contacts, and courses of action will be manifesting before us with lightning speed. It is our place to recognize and seize these gifts as if an angel appeared and said to us, “it’s time to go this way instead.”

This transit is a blessing for social and community networking, great resources which people often fail to value. Keep in mind that knowledge and contacts held in our networks will often be the source of these imminent Mercury in Aquarius synchronicities. Place high value on mental enrichment and forms of opportunity that will be coming through our networks. Invest in efforts which hold great promise for the future of all people.

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