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Mental Illness or Intuitive Gifts Gone Awry?

By Susan Galedepressed-or-psychic

If you are parent of a child who has been diagnosed with a mental illness or a personality disorder, you may often wonder what went wrong.  This is especially true when there is no apparent reason for the diagnosis…  “Our child has not suffered any particular emotional trauma, nor has s/he any evidence of a physical cause.”

Over the past ten years of working with children and adults who have been given these diagnoses, I have found that a number of people who receive such diagnoses are simply individuals with intuitive abilities that are not under control.

While there are many such examples, I would like to explore one such diagnosis that can correspond with intuition that is not controlled:  ‘aggressive behavior’.

Aggressive behavior can be a result of environmental and/or emotional stress.  It can be simply the child’s personality.  However, what if these two factors are missing?  What if a child simply explodes without provocation?

Children who are strongly empathic often gather up energy that is not helpful from those around them.  They may be near people who have suppressed anger and take it within themselves.  Housing this anger may in turn attract spirit people who have unresolved anger issues themselves and urge the child to act out these feelings.

Not understanding that these angry feelings do not actually belong to them, the children (and adults) become confused and begin to act upon them.  This, of course, leads to a vicious cycle that all too often leads to serious trouble with school and law enforcement authorities and medication by medical authorities.

If your child is having anger issues, but there is no apparent cause of the anger, you may wish to consider that your child is an empath.  (The same goes for a depressed child who has no apparent reason for the depression.)  What can you do?

It is a process, learning to differentiate what feelings are from others, and what are springing up from within.  There are also skills to learn as to how to rid oneself of that unwanted energy as well as how to rid oneself of what has accumulated over the years.  This energy is made of the same stuff as electricity and cannot be treated in a casual or uninformed way.  However, it can be done.  The child (or adult) can regain control over life and live in a happier and more productive way.  I have seen it happen often enough to know it is so.

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