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The Astrologer Daily: December 25th, 2013

Mars In Libra: Justice Enforced

Mars In Libra: Justice Enforced

 By Salvador Russo

Mars now transits the House of Libra! A new chapter of justice, peace, and prosperity has dawned for the Earth that will reconnect every soul according to Divine wisdom and justice.Achilles

Bold new alliances will accelerate the transformation and ascension of our people and planet. Relationships will gleam with wealth and potential as they are guided by higher powers to serve the greatest interests of every planetary citizen. Inequalities will perish as Mars thrusts its unstoppable momentum into our lives.

Expect the cosmic scales to tilt toward Light beneath this Martian might! Expect the following while Mars in Libra transit: partners that propel, major cooperative successes, breakthroughs in disputes, marital revitalization, the imposition of obligations, the enrichment of social networks, diplomatic shock and awe, history making agreements, exposures of infidelity, surges in courtship and marriage, the achievement of peace, justice delivered by men, empowerment through friendship, prolific collaborative successes, high profile judgments, relationship rebalancing, the emergence of open enemies, prestigious cultural elevation, promotions of power couples, and the refinement of class and etiquette. The geopolitical realm will soon quake with spectacle as allies become enemies amidst unforgiveable breeches of trust and confidence.

Nations will be establishing new treaties, agreements, and diplomatic processes that make history and that pave the way for desperately needed economic transformation. New trade agreements will redistribute planetary wealth according to Divine justice.

God will be reconnecting our nations to secure the future peace and prosperity of the Earth. A new social fabric will emerge as individuals fade out and fade into our lives according to the cosmic laws of resonance and polarity. We will soon be dealing with who we deserve to be dealing with and we will be expected to work in trust, peace, and mutual benefit in the obvious ways that present to us.

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