Intuitive Tarot Reading for March 3, 2014
Angel Card Reading for March 3 -9, 2014

March 2014 Numerology and Energy Update

March 2014 Numerology and Energy Update

This is the  Energetic numerological update and forecasts for the Month of march with intuitive Karen Winkelman.

Be aware of the dynamics in your relationships with others — work, home, family, community — and most importantly, with yourself. Where are you being impatient? What are you expecting that might not be realistic? Where are you rejecting asking for support or receiving support? What are you indecisive about? Where are you trying to please others at the cost of yourself?

Karen M. Winkelman, The Life Crafting Guide – Transformational Catalyst, Spiritual Teacher, Numerologist and Past Life Guide. Reclaim your authentic self, stand in you power, embrace your brilliance and let your Spirit Soar!

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