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Logical Reasoning

By Wanda Lawson

logical-reasoningWhat is real? Realities vary from one person to the next, depending upon one’s view. Our realities change from day to day, moment to moment actually and our respective realities are not always shared with others because of variations in views. Views can be seen, felt, or both.

For instance, a red rose can be viewed as beautiful. To one, this beauty is felt on the heart level. To another who perhaps doesn’t like the color red and does not view the same beauty,  sees the thorns of the rose.

This paradox also applies to life. One focuses on the beauty of life, another focuses on the thorns. Thorns happen when we have expectations that are not met either from others or from ourselves. Of course, there will be challenges in life, but how we view them is what makes the difference.

A child’s reality is much different from adults. As children, we look at the world and all that is happening around us with a sense of wonder and curiosity. If we do as we are told, we are rewarded. If we don’t, we are punished. Hence, we began to be conditioned by others views.

At one time, we were all children. Time goes by and we are teenagers, then young adults, then adults, then senior citizens. We see how time can fly in the blinking of an eye…time that can never be recovered. We began to look back and reflect on our past with a childlike sense of wonder…our present and future with curiosity.

Many teach that our past was just an illusion. Well, speaking for myself, my past is my reality and there is no illusion to it…it happened, I lived it. The secret here is not allowing the past to “live me”. My views have changed as a result of outcomes from past situations.

Also popular these days are “positive thoughts”. Positive thinking can be valuable, but meditation is where the gold is found. You will find with a consistent practice of meditation, positive thoughts will follow automatically.

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