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Living ‘In’ with Spirits

Living ‘In’ with Spirits

by Sunanda Sharma

living-with-spirits_OMTimesSpooky? yes! So how does one live ‘in’ with not a ‘flesh’ and ‘blood’ entity but in real terms with ‘ether’. Now it does sound way over ones head! Honestly it happens and happens in the most surreal yet ‘real’ manner. The good part is you have 24/7 company; you are never alone, but the flip side is you are unable to live with the real, so called ‘normal’ genre of mankind. You sound crazy, nobody is able to comprehend this ‘weird’ phenomenon except the ‘Psyche Allies’ you have. So let’s understand the dynamics of this situation. What exactly are we talking about?

Why would spirits choose to spend time with a ‘living’ when it has heaven as its gateway. Well there could be several reasons.

3 Reasons Spirits Stay Around

1. Confusion: a sudden death or traumatic death could trigger ‘confusion’ in a deceased soul, they are confused as to why suddenly they are in other dimension where they cannot speak/communicate with their loved ones, they feel lost. Even on the other plane it takes time to settle!

2. Attachment: a strong connection, rather attachment to a loved one or a place. The bond is so profound that they just don’t want to move away.

3. Unresolved issues: Sometimes the unresolved business of the soul can really cause a lot of anguish to the deceased as well as the ‘living’ souls inevitably, causing the departed ones to stay close ‘ in spirit’ to the ‘living’ souls seeking forgiveness… ‘penance’. 

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