Libra Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope for Libra

If your birthday is between September 20 – October 19, you are a Libra

26 - April - 2017

I wouldn't like to brush up against you in an argument for the next month or two, you have Mars in a very expansive part of your zodiac that could gift you lethal persuasion, and a strong hunger for bold adventure. You may well need these gifts to deal with any household power issues that arise due to Pluto retrograding through your family zone. Venus has been under duress from Saturn on the work front, but this week sees you relaxing back into your own style of personal relating now that this challenging energy has moved on. Focusing on any partnerships in a one to one way is very appealing to you right now so that you can smooth out any rough edges that might have formed lately. Venus will be in this part of your zodiac until June, giving you grace to work through each issue individually. In the meantime, the new Moon on Wednesday provides you with ample opportunity to start projects that will help you grow other people's resources to form a winning outcome for yourself and them.

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