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Monthly Horoscope for Libra

If your birthday is between September 20 – October 19, you are a Libra

Intrigue, jealousy, passion and deceit make quite a potent mix at the start of August, Libra - you'll need to keep a very calm head to deal with this heady swirl of emotions. On August 1st, someone is pushing all the wrong buttons and there could be explosive anger over a relationship, whether it's a current one, one that's just beginning or one coming back to haunt you from the past. Once Uranus turns retrograde in one of the darkest zones of your chart on August 7th, don't be surprised if you find yourself dwelling bitterly on past hurts. Fortunately, this toxic influence doesn't last too long. A partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th sweeps in fresh air and a more objective point of view. You can put emotions to one side now and you can see clearly what you must do in order to move on in a more positive fashion. A lovely trine between Jupiter and Neptune on August 19th strengthens your resolve to act honorably and kindly from this point forwards. Use the energies of the Grand Trine to sort out your personal relationships - from your sweetheart to your extended family - and to get them on a more even keel. There's no need to keep lurching from one drama to the next. If you can heal the jealousy and the anger, you can create loving relationships which will stand the test of time. Once Mars turns direct in your family zone on August 27th, the energies will be particularly helpful for forgiving a troublesome in-law.

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