Libra Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Libra

If your birthday is between September 20 – October 19, you are a Libra

The Full Moon on the 3rd could find you making the final payment on a big bill. This is cause for celebration. On the same day, Venus, you ruling planet, opposes erratic Uranus. Don't let a disruptive person throw you off balance in the beginning of November. You'll have much more fun spending time with a reliable neighbor or relative. Logical Mercury moves into your Education Sector on the 5th. Acquiring valuable skills will pave the way for bigger and better professional opportunities. Luxurious Venus enters your Earned Income Sector on the 7th, allowing you to enjoy more creature comforts. Treat yourself to a spa visit, gourmet meal or concert. A sextile between the determined Sun and transformative Pluto on the 9th helps you to make some important changes on the domestic front. Take this opportunity to find a better place to live or put a down payment on your dream home. On the 11th, accomplished Saturn trines unorthodox Uranus. Embarking on an unusual partnership could bring stability and prestige. Venus makes a conjunction to generous Jupiter on the 13th, attracting impressive moneymaking opportunities. If you have your own business, take this opportunity to add some luxury products and services to the menu. A trine between Venus and intuitive Neptune on the 16th is ideal for getting some rest and relaxation; take the day off. The New Moon on the 18th prompts you to spend more time and energy on the things you love most. Delegate mundane chores to others while you focus on what is truly important.

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