Libra Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Libra

If your birthday is between September 20 – October 19, you are a Libra

Venus, your ruling planet, enters your Adventure Sector on the 4th, paving the way for a lovely long-distance trip. The beginning of July is also a good time to begin work on a writing project or apply to school. On the 5th, chatty Mercury moves into your Social Sector, prompting you to connect with your nearest and dearest. Have lunch with friends, go to festive parties and call loved ones who live far away. Domestic matters may demand your attention on the 8th, due to a powerful Full Moon. You might sell or purchase a piece of property. Alternatively, you could find treatment for a demanding relative. Their needs are beyond the scope of what you can provide, so it might be necessary to hire a home health care worker, check them into a rehabilitation center or find a housing facility for this family member. Give yourself a pat on the back for dealing so well with such a sensitive matter. A trine between Venus and generous Jupiter on the 18th may mark an exciting travel opportunity for you. Make sure your passport is up to date during the second half of July; you might have to pack your bags quite suddenly. Bold Mars enters your Idealism Sector on the 20th, beckoning you to pursue a cherished dream. The New Moon on the 23rd might inspire you to throw a party for friends who are getting married or having a baby. An opposition between Venus and restrictive Saturn on the 24th warns against contradicting a teacher or expert. On the 25th, communicative Mercury starts rolling through your Privacy Sector, urging you to keep bold plans to yourself. Venus moves into your Career Sector on the 31st, prompting you to pursue a rewarding assignment or find a more fulfilling job.

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