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The Astrologer Daily: September 6th, 2012

Let Food Be Your Medicine

By Hiram Crespofood-as-medicine

During the month of April of 2011, international Latin rock star Robi Draco Rosa announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Unlike most cancer patients in the U.S., he chose the non-traditional so-called Burzynski therapy and as of today, only a year after his diagnosis, three of his four cancerous tumors are gone.  The irony: the life-saving therapy that he chose has been the object of persistent litigation and persecution by the pharmaceutical cartel.

Your Money or Your Life!

Stanislaw R. Burzynski’s revolutionary non-toxic Antineoplaston Therapy and has demonstrated to be 3 to 5 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is the only cancer therapy known to cure brain tumors in children. Prior to his therapy becoming available, a child’s brain turmor was a death sentence. Yet, for over a decade the pharmaceutical companies that underwrite the laws that dictate what is and what is not considered legitimate cancer therapy in America tried, and failed, to jail Dr. Burzynski by means of legal technicalities even as they also tried, on the other hand, to appropriate his research and patent his therapies.

In spite of the success of his therapy, the FDA has tried to stop its popularity from spreading in the United States.  Your may learn more about the Burzynski Clinic and the ANP Therapy here.

The Burzynski case is reminiscent of the lawsuit that was filed by unscrupulous drug companies from first world nations in South Africa some years back, which was later dropped. A total of almost 40 pharmaceutical giants used the legal resource of patented medicine to ask for exagerated amounts of money for their AIDS/HIV drugs when South Africa, in the midst of its worst health crisis in recent history, was trying to acquire cheaper versions of the meds from Brasil and India. Meanwhile thousands were dying because they could not afford their drugs in this relatively poor corner of the world.

Patent laws were originally crafted to protect inventors, musicians and writers from theft of their intellectual property. These days, powerful interests have rewritten patent laws to allow corporations to own the patents of genetically-modified seeds and of life-saving drugs and therapies, putting people’s lives at risk whenever conflicts of profit arise that keep people from having access to the food or health care that they need.

Not only has chemotherapy been favored at the expense of other treatments by the entities that are supposed to be searching for the cure: these entities have made it all but impossible for patients to have access to life-saving information about alternative therapies and preventative dietary lifestyles, and for decades have had a profoundly detrimental effect on America’s public health.

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