Leo Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Leo

If your birthday is between July 20 – August 19, you are a Leo

You're on a spiritual quest as July gets underway, Leo. Don't be afraid to explore and to seek answers. Chiron's retrograde period is leading you into uncharted territory in this regard, but it's part of your personal growth. Venus moves into your values zone and this too pushes you to do discover more about who you are and what really matters to you. The partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th is an opportunity for a fresh start in your beliefs and principles but take care not to be duped by someone whose motives are not as innocent as yours. Mid-month is a period for reflection and home comforts, so do whatever is necessary to feel safe, loved, warm and peaceful. You're quite the homebody at this time so cut back on too many social events while you soak up the comforts of home. Massage and meditation is a winning combination between you and your sweetheart, so this mid-month period can be quite sensual and loving too. Make the most of the harmony in love and try to build upon it. Once Mercury turns retrograde in your own sign on July 25th, you may struggle to communicate as openly for a while. At the same time, the Leo Sun squares up to Uranus in your ambitions zone, so be careful not to become your own worst enemy. Is your ego getting in the way of what you truly want? As July ends, a Sun-Mars opposition and a Lunar Eclipse both highlight how your relationship can be a force for good - or a force which rages out of control. Which will it be?

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