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Monthly Horoscope for Leo

If your birthday is between July 20 – August 19, you are a Leo

Fed up of being labeled and pigeon-holed, Leo? May is your chance to break free from other people's ideas of who you are. Difficult and tense planetary aspects on May 7th point towards jealousy in a friendship, or perhaps a betrayal from a fake friend. With a Sun-Jupiter opposition in force on May 8th, your work-life balance is also in question, so you can be forgiven for feeling impatient and angry with people at this time. On May 15th, Uranus arrives in your status and career zone. Uranus does not play by the rules, and you'll find this influence extremely liberating. If you've felt constrained by the expectations of others, especially at work, then take back control of your own future. This may involve a somewhat dramatic career decision, especially on May 16th, fueled by an angry and rather reckless Mars-Uranus square. If you do end up taking sudden action, be comforted by the fact that every ending is also a new beginning. Some respite from the shockwaves comes on May 19th, when gentle Venus moves into your dream zone, helping you to find some peace and quiet amid the chaos. This is swiftly followed by a loving, healing trine between Jupiter and Neptune on May 25th, which brings you and your family closer than ever. Draw breath and look towards the future with positivity. The Full Moon on May 29th is all about letting off steam and having some fun. On the same day, Mercury moves into your friendship zone, so reach out to some new people and expand your social circle.

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