Leo Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Leo

If your birthday is between July 20 – August 19, you are a Leo

Values are likely to be a key word for you in September. As the month begins, it's tangible value which is on your mind - Mercury arrives in your money zone and you'll want to be making intelligent decisions about your finances, savings and investments. Saturn turns direct in your everyday work zone on September 6th, helping you get back into the full swing of work and earning a living - but be careful not to emotionally over-spend on the 7th when the Sun opposes Neptune and clouds your judgement. Further into September, it's less tangible values which hold your attention more. As Venus arrives in your family zone, you'll focus more on the warmth and love of your family and less on how much is in your bank account. Circumstances may even cause a drop in your income around this time - but to your surprise, you'll manage this with relative ease and no angst; you're figuring out that you need much less than you think. Not everyone has made that journey yet, though - don't be surprised if a loved one loses the plot over money around September 18th. The last part of the month is all about communication and the power of words. Once Mercury has moved into your intelligence zone on September 21st, you can show true leadership through what you say. Use your words wisely. It's not only about saying the right thing; you must walk the walk too. Good words are meaningless if not followed by good actions, as the Full Moon on September 24th illustrates vividly for you.

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