Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

Monthly Career Horoscope for Leo

If your birthday is between July 20 – August 19, you are a Leo

The Sun's return to your career sector on the 20th April is the only thing that you could consider normal about this professional month, with everything else bordering on the extraordinary. The Sun's return is always the point in any year where the solar spotlight falls onto your career and professional situation, matters and options and is often the first chance you've had to focus on career and professional matters all year. This year things got off to an early start, with Ceres' return in early February. This was part of a stunning time in the later days of January and early days of February that saw subtle forces move into place across the income, work and career fronts. This was mainly as a result of dwarf planets, with Juno returning to your work sector within days. However, they were more sleepers, with Mars' return to your career sector on the 9th March really kicking things off. This is the warrior planet of the cosmos' first visit to your career sector in two years and he has returned to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, but also to make things happen and get things done. Mars won't leave until the 21st April, a day after the Sun's return on the 20th April. Also leaving on the 21st April is Mercury, who will return to your career sector on the 1st April. Mercury is a smart and intellectually savvy planet and is the brains to Mars' brawn. However, instead of following Mars by moving on, Mercury will turn retrograde on the 10th April, retrograding back out, only to return again early next month. This might put the brakes on Mars' final 11 days here, but will ensure you're not rushing through things. Pluto will also turn retrograde in your work sector on the 21st April, marking a trend that will see Mars' manic pace ease back considerably.

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