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The Astrologer Daily: February 24th, 2014

Knowledge and Truth

Knowledge and Truth

By William Bezanson

knowledge-truth_OMTimesA favorite Rosicrucian invocation, which can be found personally meaningful, contains the phrase, “…in knowledge and truth….” We may seek to present knowledge and truth in whatever we do. They are very important to strive for.

So much of what we encounter in life is based on the direct opposite of that sentiment: ignorance and lies, confusion and untruth, and misrepresentation and misleadings. Such negative influences are especially prevalent in organized religions, including Christianity. Some of the main purposes of writing can be to help readers understand such deceptions, and to think for themselves to decide whether they are content to remain living in the dark or to awaken to the light.

It might be said that people are not interested in learning about the truth or in attaining true knowledge; preferring, instead, to remain ignorant or to be content with untruths. Their religion strongly urges them to stay that way. For example, Christianity (and its foundation, Judiasm) teaches that looking at the face of God, that is, actual truth and pure knowledge, is greatly to be avoided, for it will surely kill you.

We may consider this a juvenile attitude. The reason why looking at the face of God might reputedly kill us is simply this: We are so very accustomed to not seeing truth. The shock of really recognizing it would be so overwhelming that we will, indeed, die. —Not die physically, but die psychically to old ways; to be transformed to new life, and become a new person. No wonder the priests want us to stay in the dark! They would be out of their jobs when we learn to think for ourselves.

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