The Astrologer Daily: June 22nd, 2012
The Second Spiritual Revolution

Jupiter – Neptune Square : Chances and Traps

By Christos Archos

Jupiter-Neptune-squareThis month on the 26th of June we will feel a square between Jupiter and Neptune in the mutable signs of Gemini and Pisces.  Both planets are considered to have good relations between them, and they will ease the tensions of the upcoming square of Uranus – Pluto that will produce chaotic transformations.  This does not mean that we will not have dangers and traps, especially for those that are working in the spiritual path.

According to Green, the Aspect of Jupiter and Neptune in square “introduces confusion and misunderstandings into religious and political affairs; it disturbs peace and order”.  He later says that this squares brings struggles among classes of societies but also the rise of mystical religious ideas.

It is a period of intense spiritual transformation and humanitarian help, but on the other hand, people will want to misuse people’s faith, and perhaps we will have fanaticism and crazy actions of people that may even commit suicide because of their beliefs.  It is also very important to say that sometimes the morals of people will weaken and they will try to make what they want according to their needs, rather than according to what it is right.  We are also going to see an increase of the white collar crimes, and a general degradation of moral beliefs among people.  At these moments, people with high spiritual conscience will arise to help others – to guide them to go a step further; to resurrect from the ashes and look at life in a better way.  They will see with hope, and a deeper need to change.  I think that fake financial rise in some countries will be seen and problems will arise among citizens.

The gift of this aspect is that for the people who are clean in heart, there will be a chance for them to become more enlightened, understanding their true position in the whole world, and finding new ways of understanding others – helping them and having greatest compassion.  That will lead them to the development of the Heart chakra and the solar plexus.  For people having problems with that chakra, it will be easier for them to do things in a more constructive way.

The trap with this square is the spiritual pride – the belief that we are perfect and enlightened, and we think that we are superior to the laws of nature.  This aspect is called the Luciferian Pride because people believe that they are better than anyone else, and that they don’t need the help or the counseling of any other person on this planet.

In personal relationships, especially the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) there are going to be some emotional delusions.  Some of you may believe that you will find your perfect love or your idealization may lead you to have less satisfaction in your current relationship.  We need to see things holistically, and perhaps understand that having a perfect relationship is a utopia that we will never have.  The mutable signs of the first decanate will have the biggest problem.

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