The Astrologer Daily: June 11th, 2012
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Jupiter in Gemini – The Mystery of Initiation

Universal and Personal Influences of the Phenomenon

By Christos Archos

Jupiter-in-GeminiOn the 11th of June the planet Jupiter will enter the sign of Gemini. This placement is very important for the next year. It will create two great phenomena. The first one is that we will hear about new ideas that will contribute to human interaction and communication to become better. We will see people and ideas coming that will strengthen the humanistic movement and in a great degree humanitarian help will be more important. The intense focus we had in financial and emotional security with Jupiter in Taurus now will change and the focus will be in the interpersonal interaction. Another important thing is that we will see change in educational systems across the world. The negative point of this placement is that we will have a Babylonia of ideas. People will tend to talk too much and won’t be able to understand each other. Sometimes radical ideas will take over large populations and old philosophies such as Nazism and misanthropism will emerge.

Gemini’s influence sometimes will be so logical that it will create lack of emotional understanding. That will produce problems in people’s everyday life.

Social sites such as Facebook, twitter and etc. will see an even greater increase and people will increase their use of technology for communication purposes. I believe that this year science will have good results in research of neurological system and in psychological problems such as the autism and Asperger syndrome will make progress. People who are going to incarnate this year will be highly intelligent, having various talents and having a philosophical variety that will help the next generations. Explorers of the world and of the soul also are going to emerge.

Jupiter is a Second Ray planet and it will be in a Second Ray sign. That means that in spiritual level people are going to search and discover the universal love and truth. Also they are going to form groups of people that in the future will help humanity, while teachers are going to transmit their message, awakening even more people to the universal truth. In the books of Alice Bailey it is said that the placement of Jupiter in Gemini is a mystery of initiation, so for those who are trying to achieve it, probably it will be a great year with many spiritual messages.

How is Jupiter’s new placement going to influence the 12 signs? Keep in mind that the Ascendant sign is more important than Sun Sign and it is better to look at it.


For Aries the Jupiter will be in their 3rd solar house. This means that the epicenter of Jupiter’s actions will be relations with brothers and sisters, neighbors and studies. It is a great opportunity for you to make your relationships with people close to you, to be balanced. Also it is a great chance for you to start a seminar or something that will help you learn something new or develop your current studies. TAURUS

For Taurus, Jupiter will be in its 2nd solar house. This placement is very good for the financial interests of this sign. Most of you, you will have a chance to increase your salary and to fix some financial problems you may have. Another important point is that you may need to be more careful in the way you spend your money. Loans and money from third people may not flow in all of your life so it will be very important for you this year to try to stand on your feet. Finally this placement helps you to change in some degree your ideals and what you consider is important in your life.


For you children of Mercury , Jupiter’s placement in your sign will help you in many ways. For Most of you it is a positive placement but there are always traps you need to consider and be careful. First of all this year is great because it helps you expand yourself in the material world. Your career prospects and your work will explode with proper actions and you will see your influence getting stronger. Also you are going to increase your money but most important you will be expanded in a spiritual way. Jupiter will help you see some things in your life in a different way so you will acquire ideals and you will be able to follow a more spiritual road in your life. The trap is the overexpansion. People tend to be greedy and when you can’t put yourself in some discipline it is very easy for you to destroy yourself.


Jupiter in your 12th solar house is a great chance for you to be developed spiritually and to heal your psychological insecurities. It is known in astrologers that cancers are trying to be secure by isolating themselves from the others avoiding in any case the possibility to hurt themselves by their environment. Jupiter in this placement will help you to feel more secure without isolating your selves. Finally it will help you to face past problems that caused you a trauma that still hurt you and it is difficult for you to solve it.


For the Shinny Leos this placement is very good because it will help them to increase their social life. New friends and moments that you will have more fun are in your everyday program in the next year. Jupiter will bring back your self-worth and your belief that things will come better sooner or later. For those that are into politics this placement is very positive and will help you to win in any type of election. Another important positive effect of Jupiter is that you will receive the love and attention of people such as your boyfriend / girlfriend.


Jupiter in Gemini will help you a lot to succeed in your professional life. Especially those that are making a career will have the most positive results. Some of you also may have plans to change their profession and follow a more humanistic work. Some of you also may want to change something’s in your house and this is a good year to make changes to it. With this Placement Jupiter is very good for those who are artists and want the attention of public such as actors, singers and etc.


This is time for you to expand your horizons. The placement of Jupiter in Gemini most of all will bring you luck and great success in various things in your life. It is a very good year to change the way of your thinking, adopting better strategies when you deal with your life. You will travel a lot, and if you can’t travel in reality you will be able to travel with your mind. Studies and high university education are very positive this year and you will have success in your exams. The most important thing is that the philosophy of your worldview will change and you will meet important people that will radically transform you.


This place is very powerful for you. Jupiter will be in your 8th solar house while you are the natural 8th sign of zodiac circle. Jupiter will help you to bring more depth in your interests and find things you didn’t expect. You will not just be able to do things successfully but also you will be able to connect them making you more able to do your work productively. Sexual appetite also will increase and passionate relationships will come in your life although you will always need to keep in balance sex with emotional connectedness.


For you this placement is very good for interpersonal interaction. A lot of you will be able to get married or make strong relations with people that will be important for your whole life. If some of you want to strengthen your relationship this is your chance to do it. If you are alone is certain that this year you will meet a person friendly or lover very important for you. This year is also important if you want to communicate well with people and transmit your ideas. Your cooperation’s will bring great luck and success.


It is a very good position for you. Jupiter will help you to find a job if you don’t have or even better to get a better position in the profession you have already had. Also this is a great year for you if you want to face health problems. Your organism will be more powerful to solve healthy problems but you need to be alarmed for any obesity signs. It is a very good chance to start to gym or do yoga as your body will respond better and you will not take it just as an obligation but also as something fun.


This is a love year. Jupiter in the sign of Gemini will help you find the true love of your life. If you have already had a relation you will be able to make it work better. Your mood will become better and you will be more creative. Those who are having jobs that need creativity will see great results as Jupiter will expand their creative powers and will have great success in their projects. Women have an increased possibility to become pregnant so for those who want to it will be a good year but for those who don’t want to be may be a problem…


Jupiter will help you solve problems with your family environment. Some of you the recent year had great problems with your parents and increased tension that brought you to your limits. But this year Jupiter comes to help you solve these problems and help you come with harmony with your relatives. Some of you may have problem with your roots and do psychoanalysis because of great tension you might have in your childhood years. This placement is best if you want to solve them and look at your life with a more positive way. Finally this placement is very good because it will help you change the decoration of your house or even to relocate.

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