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The Astrologer Daily: February 5th, 2013

Jupiter Direct: Some Movement at Last

By Cindy Morris

Jupiter_DirectJupiter moved DIRECT on January 30th, after a 4 month retrograde spin. This expansive planet which broadens your perspective and gives an optimistic lens on all activities will continue to bust your mind of previous limitation as it moves through the air sign of Gemini until June 27th.

All this Gemini activity can feel like mental overload so it is up to you manage that cymbal-playing monkey in your busy brain. The best and time-proven method for relaxing the mind is to meditate. I know for some people, and you could be one of them, the thought of meditation is not at all attractive. Here are some common whines I hear about meditation: “It’s boring. I’m not “doing” anything. I can’t sit sit still that long. It doesn’t work.”  And on and on. The list is endless. That’s why I recommend following guided meditations. That way your brain IS doing something – following steps to peaceful relaxation. I love John Corsa’s guided chakra clearing meditation.  John is a multi-disciplined energy healer and crystologist, His voice, as he leads through the chakra clearing, is soothing and gentle. It’s like bathing your mind in a peaceful, sweetly scented  bath, Check them at MEDITATIONS

Once your mind is relaxed you are ready to manifest your intentions.

John Corsa talks about the process of creative manifestation of your intentions.

Cindy Morris, msw,  is a practicing astrologer and writer for over 30 years. She is the author of Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job , co-author of Reclaim Your Intuition, The LOVE Books,  and numerous short memoir stories. Cindy has a Masters in Social Work, has run a successful flower shop, was raised in the Bronx and now lives in Boulder, CO where she collaborates with intuitive healer and crystologist, John Corsa in their Ignite Your Soul Potential transformational work.

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