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It’s Time We Find Our Destiny

By Rick DiClementeits-time-we-find-our-destiny Years ago, people used to come to me and ask if I could help them find their destiny or “path.” Not an easy thing to do. Most people weren’t going to give up what they referred to as their “security”, i.e., job, paycheck, lifestyle, etc. It was understandable.

Now, things have changed. With the entrance of Chiron and Neptune into the sign of Pisces, there is a clear-cut, powerful new urge to get on with things. People have to know their destiny now. I can’t say it emphatically enough; many folks are picking up on the universal and collective push towards finding and getting on with their purpose.

It’s like it came out of nowhere, but I wrote about it for years as Neptune and Chiron approached Pisces.  

Just like watching a slowly moving cloud, I watched client after client ask themselves, “What is security? IS IT REALLY SECURE?” (Usually it’s ‘killing’ them; literally!) I watched the old definition fade as the truth of spiritual growth took over. In time, more and more clients came in and didn’t care anymore if they were “throwing caution to the wind” or not. Just like Joseph Campbell’s statement: “If you aren’t following your bliss, you’re already dead.” That really hit home for me and was the best advice I’ve ever heeded years ago.

The reason: it’s NOT YOU that’s doing the work; it’s allowing God to work through you. It is my firm opinion that you do not have the right to deny God’s expression through you.

So, you have a nice home and perhaps a roommate or partner or husband or wife or whatever particular combination you’ve created. It is now time for soul growth, and most of us are learning that from the collective. So many people are now trusting their intuition (because Neptune and Chiron are so strong now) and forgoing their life-long occupations for their true Hero’s Journey.

I’ve always suspected that Chiron’s nature has a lot to do with one’s destiny, not just the “wounded healer” part of us. That’s what people are feeling now! It’s been very obvious to me that in the past year, those who were already doing “light-working” are being required to do much more. Teachers teaching teachers. While at the same time, so many “lay people” who have never really launched out into the world of “light-working” can’t get there fast enough.

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