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It’s in the Stars! 2014 Celebrity Psychic Predictions by Michelle Whitedove

It’s in the Stars! 2014 Celebrity Psychic Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

by Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove

Celebrity-Psychic-Predictions_Pope-FrancisPope Francis will give new life to the church and he will make great strides for the poor. I see him as The Bridge – for those people that lost faith in Catholicism, they can return to the fold. He will build up the church congregations especially with Latinos. Francis will remain the Pope until his death and he will be remembered for his good works.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – It’s so wonderful to see a man that is openly grateful for his blessings. He honors God, his family and his fans every step of the way. He has transformed from a football star to a mega wrestling star – soon he will be recognized as the next big action hero. Warning; The Rock needs to let the professional stunt men do their job- if not, I see a back injury that could hinder his action star abilities

Reality TV Royalty Willie Robertson CEO of Duck Dynasty has undiagnosed health issues looming. As a health intuitive I see diabetes and heart issues that are manifesting. Willie and Korie are soul mates so I pray that Willie will catch this in time to derail a heart attack. His big Christian family depends on him. They are good souls.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will one day successfully colonize Mars. I see a launch fatality: one of the rockets will blow up if precautions aren’t taken. It would be sad if a SpaceX ship became our modern day Titanic since the tickets will be affordable only to the super wealthy. I predict that Mars will be colonized before the moon. 2016 will be a key year for SpaceX. I wonder when they will disclose what is already on Mars?

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