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It is Happening Now! The Ancestors Led Us.

Honoring the lessons of Native American Ancestors

By Nancy Oakesstar-people

Many cultures and ancient writings tell of the time of a great shift.  The Shift is literally happening now; we are privileged to be witnessing it.  Not just witnessing, but you are a part of the new energy.  The shift is a spiritual return to Mother Earth, a conscious evolution, a new way of reasoning.  Many don’t recognize the evolutionary process but see it as a time of fear where the Mayan calendar is ending and believe we are doomed.  The indigenous elders see it as a spiritual time of awakening, a new age of enlightenment unlike anything that has happened on this planet before.  It is true; Mother Earth has never been in this type of danger before.  We have the technology to destroy ourselves.

Herein is the message.  We have the opportunity to evolve into the new species of love, become one people working to heal the planet, and the Universe will support us.  This is a wonderful time to be alive.  Your assignment is to be present and aware.

Many wise ones are providing the road maps of books, lectures, and seminars.  Millions of people are preparing to be messengers.  Remember what the word Angel means—a messenger.  It is a time of tremendous love on the planet.  Messages of healing for our hearts and Mother Earth are everywhere.  The Cherokee say we are ending the “Fifth World.”  The “shift” is into the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the “Sixth World.”  But as I explain, the Hopi and Mayan elders say we are entering the “Fifth World.”  The Medicine Wheel is another road map.

I was told that in my lifetime we will see the lies from the organizers (my grandmother called them the “Evil Ones”) revealed.  I refer to these “Evil Ones” as “Church Fathers” in this book.  The Ancient Ones and the indigenous people have and are willing now to share with “all the people” the insight given to them about the shift of the sacred Mother Earth.   It is nothing to be afraid of my grandmother says, “It’s Mother Earth in all her glory guided by the Great Spirit.”

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