Monthly Oracle Reading-Domino Angels APRIL 2014
Planet Update : April 7, 2014 : Mercury in Aries

IntuitiveTarot Reading 3 April 2014

 Intuitive Tarot Reading 3 April 2014


Tarot: Intuitive reading using the Lo Scarabeo tarot deck for April 3, 2014.

Tarot reading for the day: There is a lack of connection between the material and spiritual in the morning.

You’re not seeing the bigger picture, and you’re really focused in on one particular theme, activity or object. Open up your perspective to avoid missing something important.

You’re very much tapped in to the energy of the King of Wands. You become more confident and passionate about one thing in particular. See if this thing you’re focusing on is actually useful and constructive, or if its causing you to be blinkered and destructive.

The day is all about passion, you are full of love and your imagination is captured and fired up. Make sure you’re giving this energy to positivity!

Have a fantastic day, with so much love, Gregory

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