Horoscope for Friday, November 21, 2014
Astrology Forecast for Friday and Saturday – Jean Wiley

Intuitive Tarot Reading 21 November 2014

Intuitive Tarot Reading 21 November 2014

What energy will you be working with today? Find out in this free tarot and numerology reading for 21 November 2014.

Three of Coins, Ace of Coins in reverse and Ten of Coins

Tarot Card and Numerology Meanings:

You’re ready to move forward. It’s a great day to take action so start something new today!

Don’t expect to win the lottery or to become an instant millionaire because you’ve had an idea, manage your expectations and stay reasonable.

You can make practical inroads today and get a lot done; the key is not to rely on an outside force, but to take action yourself.

Today’s numerology vibration is: 5 = Financial freedom can be achieved through your own efforts!

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