Weekend Angel Tarot Reading for May 16th - 18th 2014
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Intuitive Tarot Reading 15 May 2014

 Intuitive Tarot Reading 15 May 2014

Intuitive Tarot reading using the Wheel of the Year tarot deck for May 15, 2014. Intuitive Tarot reading for the day:

The morning brings about a circumstance that makes you feel betrayed or like you’ve lost something. Make sure this is actually true and not just a result of subconscious tapping into past hurts or negative experiences.

The good news is that you deal with this situation really well and you’ll be able to let go of that feeling of loss. You don’t react and get on with things constructively.

There is a positive outcome to the day. What you lost returns, you overcome the difficulties and finish the day on a high note.

Have a wonderful, divine day! With so much love, Greg


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