The Astrologer Daily: August 23rd, 2012
Mars moves into Scorpio


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Illusion (2004) 
Donald Baines (Kirk Douglas) is a successful Hollywood director once-powerful, but now ailing movie director nears the end of his life.  His life was filled with fame and riches but devoid of love. As he awaits death and  haunted by the memory of the son he abandoned, Donald Baines is given the opportunity to see three views of his son’s journey, each representing a different period of his son’s life; he then slips into a “dream” and Donald bears witness to the impact his absence had on his son’s life and in his own inability to find love.. At first suspicious, then curious, and ultimately captivated, he watches his son’s growth from mid-teens to mid-thirties as the son pursues his life-long love, Isabelle.
The two constants through these snippets are his pursuit of Isabelle and the imagined voice of his father, telling him that he is worthless and unwanted. Ultimately Donald is offered the opportunity to alter the outcome of his son’s life in this haunting yet beautiful tale of love and redemption; only then, the old man discovers the surprising truth about his son and himself.
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