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Identifying Twin Flames

Twin Flames

Astrological, Psychological and Mythological Ways for Interpretation

Part 3 of 3

by Christos Archos, M.Sc

Twin-Flames_OM-TimesEditor’s Note: This article by Cristos Archos has been split into three parts.  They can be found at:
Part 1: Twin Flames
Part 2: What are the Twin Flames?
Part 3: Identifying Twin Flames


I believe the reason astrology exists is to shed light on misinterpreted phenomena and enlighten individuals to their inner dispositions. It’s critical for people to understand why something is happening in a particular situation because it strengthens the soul.

Twin Flames are a valuable phenomenon that brings fundamental change to the way we see the world in not solely an esoteric view, but also in scientific one as well.

When people understand the concept of twin flames, they understand the last two centuries of connections with what we call “karmic bonds.” In fact, the twin flames bond takes a relationship to a much more sophisticated level…

~Cristos Archos

* The numbering is the sound of the numbers as they are called in Greek. Pythagoras believed that numbers had their own vibration and had a meaning helping people reach their balance when they used them.

Let’s continue our travels:

pente*) How We Can Find If Two Persons Are Twin Flames

Twin-Flames_Antiscia_Ascending-HeartsAn astrologer usually has a difficulty time answering if two persons are each others twin flame because the basic instruments are not helpful. Longitudanal charts as we know them are not very helpful if we don’t know some other important techniques.

First of all, we have to understand that according to what we’ve discussed, a twin flame is the other half of the soul when is splits entering the human kingdom through geminian influences. This means our soul splits into opposites and we have to find our other half.

In astrology, we are full of opposites; the chart itself is built through opposites.  Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. All of these are polarities that work among themselves. It is very important when we try to find our twin soul to share opposing planets with the other person. Astrologers and people usually try to avoid opposition because medieval thought used to believe it was a bad aspect. In fact, oppositions between two charts may create some conflicts, but they are very important when you want to have a relationship that really contributes to individuals.

Planets in opposition between two charts are very important when we try to trigger the twin flame relationship. We have to be very careful because we don’t just want the planets to be in opposition but also in contra-parallel. Only when two planets are in opposition and in contra-parallel can we talk about the possibility of a twin flame relationship.

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