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How to Hear Messages from Your Angels

How to Hear Messages from Your Angels

By Carmen Vasquez

angels_OMTimes“We are closer than you think; we are always there just waiting to hear from you, you do not need any special ritual to be in contact with us, all you need is to start a relationship as you do with any new friend.

We do not choose “special” people to be in contact with them, we love all of you the same way and we will be there for you always”.

Having the opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world and different religious beliefs has allowed me to realize that at the end everyone has the same concern: “How can I hear my Angels, how can I know the names of my Guardian Angels, how they can guide my life?” And the good news here is that you don’t need to be any “special” or “gifted” person to hear them and recognize their messages.

Angels are spiritual beings able to be simultaneously in many places at the same time, they have not a physical body or ego and they are right there behind you, closer than you think. They are real and their mission is the same with everyone: Being at your service, protecting and guiding this journey during your lifetime here on Earth and helping to manifest anything you want.

To be in touch with them and hear their messages, you need to start a constant relationship with them; make them your friends and talk to them frequently as having a conversation with any new friend. Create a routine; before waking up dedicate some minutes at bed to speak with them something from your heart just as simple as you want (they do not need a special language or words); ask for help, share with them your worries and wake up with the conviction that they already heard you and are going with you everywhere during your whole day.

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