Intuitive Tarot Reading 8 November 2014
Intuitive Tarot Reading 9 November 2014

Horoscope for Sunday, November 9, 2014

Horoscope for Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Moon’s transit of the sign Gemini has activated our imaginations over the past day or so. But, before the Moon leaves the airy, intellectual sign and enters the more emotionally-reactive sign Cancer it will be void-of-course for an unusually lengthy period of time today. (click here for our Void-Of-Course-Moon schedule for your time zone.) The void-of-course Moon distracts us from schedules, leaving us open to explore daydreams. Venus and Jupiter are making an angle to each other today, which, lacking self-discipline can otherwise lead to an enjoyable day. So, if we can be less rigid than usual, ideas will flow, and interesting conversations can be had!

The Word of the Day is INFORMATION. Enjoy the free travels of the Moon by putting responsibilities aside and letting the day take its course, picking up data where we will.

The Color of the Day is MIRAGE WHITE. (It’s pearly white offed by a hint of blue.) Conversations flow best today, if we wear a bit of the color mirage white!


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