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Horoscope for Sunday, August 10, 2014

Horoscope for Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sun in Leo will oppose the Moon in Aquarius creating a FULL MOON today! Both Aquarius and Leo are what we call “fixed” signs, meaning that they represent the least amount of change, the purest characteristics of the zodiac. This gives us great staying power. The blending of Aquarius and Leo works well, because Aquarius likes to be innovative and different, and Leo will enjoy showing it off. So, guided by this Full Moon, over the next couple of weeks, the changes that we make will be ego fulfilling and progressive.

The Word of the Day is COMPLETE. The Full Moon burns brightly and thoroughly, directing us to work on projects with enthusiasm and resilience.

The Color of the Day is BRONZE. (It’s dark metallic gold.) The warmth of the Sun combined with the erratic energy of the Moon in Aquarius will give us strength and stamina if we find some bronze jewelry, accessories, or other clothing to wear today.


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