Intuitive Tarot Reading 28 April 2014
Solar Eclipse in Aries - April 29, 2014

Horoscope for Monday and Tuesday-with Jean Wiley

Horoscope for Monday and Tuesday-with Jean Wiley

Monday, April 28th: The Moon in Aries goes VOID until 10:24 a.m. EDT (a slow morning start to the work week) and then enters Taurus.

On TUESDAY early in the a.m. at 2:15 EDT is the Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Taurus indicating strong developments and situations in the areas of finance, earnings, talents, abilities, self-esteem and tending to the practical side of life. Mercury is in trine to Pluto powering our intellect and problem solving acumen with profundity and strength. Discussions and agreements occur involving resources, children’s endeavors, sibling support, travel, financial planning and management. Our mind and solar essence is active as is our emotional intelligence. The Moon makes supportive and powerful connections to Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter and Chiron. A day of movement, activity and development.


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