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Horoscope for Friday, September 12, 2014

Horoscope for Friday, September 12, 2014

Venus, Mars, and three slower moving planets will all be passing by stars to guide our day today. As Venus passes by a star, of the constellation Draco (the dragon) the effect might either make us suspicious or jealous about someone we love or make us not quite trust one of our possessions to perform as expected. The Mars transit will give us no option but to gain control over unhealthy situations so that we may complete our day feeling as though we’ve healed a wound.

The Word of the Day is HARNESS. Steer the direction of the day by taking control of the reins.

The Color of the Day is INDIAN PIPE. (It’s waxy white.) The translucent color of the flower Indian Pipe collects an array of energies. Wear some of this color today to stay strong.


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