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Horoscope for Friday, January 30, 2015

Horoscope for Friday, January 30, 2015

We may be feeling a little bit unbalanced today. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct, so we don’t have a lot perspective for things like varying opinions, and we’ll find some people to be quite narrow-minded today. Adding to this, the Moon’s transit of the sign Gemini has activated our imaginations over the past day or so. But, before the Moon leaves this sign, it will be void-of-course for an unusually lengthy period of time today. (click here for our Void-Of-Course-Moon schedule for your time zone.) The void-of-course Moon distracts us from schedules, leaving us open to explore daydreams. Discussions may be lengthy, but knowledge may be collected. So, if we can focus, ideas will flow.

The Word of the Day is PROBE. It will be interesting to explore whatever appeals to us today.

The Color of the Day is ICE. (It’s white with a hint of aqua.) To best enjoy the day without trying to stick to schedules, we should wear the color of ice, embracing the freeing effects of the void-of-course Moon.


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