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The Astrologer Daily: June 26th, 2012

Holly’s Heavens Week of 25 June

by Holly Hall


zodiac_astrologyARIES-  Are you ready for battle? Put on your protective gear. Emotional protection I should say. There has been some tension around you and your ready to  take a side and fight for someone’s rights. You are tired of watching the bullying. The trick is will you fight to the death, or can it be a win/win situaltion? Its all in how you approach the topic.

TAURUS- Not a bad week. If you have been in control in the past, someone may have put you in your place. Taking a new approach, this week you will reap the benefits. You are in an organizing mood. Enjoy nature.

GEMINI- When will it end? This week? YES! All you have to do is be very careful about the words your use and how you use them, which is your “tone”. This week is your  last chance to settle an argument by communicating, not talking, but listening.

CANCER- This week you will definitely have a conversation with someone who will help you reason with your emotions. They will give you very useful advice. By the end of the week, you will need this to deal with a person in authority, OR they think they are the boss of you. You handle this very well.

LEO- What a party weekend! Now this week you will have to get serious, or others will not take you seriously. First part of the week, get organized, mid week, let another help you. By weeks end you will gain respect, maybe even receive a promotion of some kind.

VIRGO- You are able to get alot accomplished right away, Leaving room for you to breath and relax for the most part of the week. Mid week you may have to keep your ego in check and watch what you say. Otherwise you will get the respect you finally deserve.

LIBRA- You make a new friend this week, kindred spirits. This person is a little more outgoing then you are, but you need that now. Friendship seems to be on your mind all week. Set some goals, you will accomplish these goals  by the end of July.

SCORPIO- Rumor has it, that you know more then many. Mid week you are approached to let the cat out of the bag. This is not a pleasant confrontation, at all.The stars suggest you wait til you have more information. By the weekend you will uncover even more.

SAGITTARIUS- What an exciting weekend you had! The first part of the week you may find that someone else in your circle is to much of a perfectionist. By the weekend you will appreciate their need for detail. Mid week your mind is sharp, you’re thinking BIG and loving it. You receive much respect from others now.

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