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Holly’s Heavens Week of 17 June 2012

by Holly Hall


ARIES-  Sudden changes in your relationships, bring you closer. You find it easier then ever to communicate your feelings. The key is;  it’s not what you say, its how you say it. If you are not careful, someone may get hurt by the end of this week. Are they sensitive? Maybe.

TAURUS- For the Love of Money! Everything seems to revolve around ownership, possessions, and who earns what! You find that yourself or someone else is fighting for the same toy. “Its mine, no its mine!” By the end of this week, you are both sharing.

GEMINI- This is a perfect week to start a new project, yes adding to all the ones you already have! If you are in sales, you will make a large sale that will please your boss and your pocketbook. In love? This is a time to tell your sweetie how you feel. Single? You will strike up a conversation that leads to romance.

CANCER- You have a decision to make that leads to a long term goal. Take your time on this one. It is best to wait until next week to take action. At that time all of the answers come to you naturally. This week comes in like a lion but leaves like a lamb.

LEO- You are on top of the word and coming up with some real creative solutions to manage your schedule. Taking action is not as easy for you right now, however keep the ideas flowing and they will take a life of their own!

VIRGO- Your heightened sense of awareness is nagging at you. Sight, Sound and Touch seem exaggerated. So be careful you do not pick apart things to a fault. Just because you think it , does not make it so.

LIBRA- I heard it through the grape vine. Gossip and cattiness is not your deal. But this week you may have to engage a little, just to help someone solve their problems. And face it, you are a great mediator! It may start as an argument, however by the weekend you manage to calm the storm.

SCORPIO- If you have ever wanted to learn to meditate or ignite the right hemisphere of your brain, this is the time to do it. There are many ways, such as looking at art and allowing your imagination to roam free, creating art; listening to music, seek out novel activities and experiences.

SAGITTARIUS- WOW your week starts out early and busssssssy! You have a lot to say to everyone with, dare I say, a ‘little’ criticism behind it . However this week, you loosen up on the sarcasm and share your knowledge in a way that will help someone, that is if they are still open to it.

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