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Holiday shopping by the Numbers: Numerology & the Perfect Gift

By Michele Landersholiday-shopping-by-the-numbers

When holidays or special occasions arise, most of us rack our brains searching for the perfect gift. What if you could gain insight into the personalities of others and what gifts would most likely appeal to them? Wouldn’t it be great to shop with less anxiety and more confidence that your gift will be perfectly suited to that person?

With a simple understanding of numerology you can become the ‘bon vivant’ of gift giving!

Numerology, the ancient science of numbers allows you to “see” personalities by simply decoding a person’s birth name and birth date. But unless you are very close to the person, it is unlikely you would have both pieces of information.

But don’t despair! Even if you don’t know their full name or birth date, knowing the first letter of their first name and the first vowel will give you helpful information and insight into their personality. Below are simple instructions to locate someone’s number then simply look at the number chart below for helpful gift hints.

To find someone’s birth number, simply add together their month, day and year of birth and then reduce to a single digit. Example: June 18, 1971 6 (June) + 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 33.

Now, add the 33 together like this:  3 + 3 = 6 .

The ‘birth path’ number for this person is “6”

To find someone’s first letter and first vowel number refer to the following Alphabet chart (*). #1- A, J, S     #5 – N, E, W    #9 – R, I #2- B, K, T     #6 – F, O, X #3- C, L, U    #7 – G, Y, P #4- D, M, V    #8 – H, Q, Z

If someone’s name is “Alicia,” her first letter would be “A” with a number value of “1” and her first vowel would be  “I” with a number value of “9.” Refer to both numbers for insight into their personality (*) If you do know the person’s full name at birth, just refer to the Alphabet chart above and add together all the number values for each letter of their entire name. Then add together the final total, just as we did with the birth date, until you reach a single digit.

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