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The Astrologer Daily: October 22nd, 2012

Healing from Within

By Jessica Caracciolohealing-energy

While you are reading this article please take a moment for yourself. Keep the article open and stand in a soft loose position- comfortable, with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and a relaxed but straight posture. Hold your arms, both at a 90 degree angle, palms facing each other –just at your stomach (solar plexus); hands about 6 inches apart. Close your eyes. Take a slow deep breath in and move your palms at the same time in a circular motion ever so slightly- now, take your time breathing out. Repeat. Now take your hands and spread them slowly a little farther apart as you expand the energy between your hands and you bring them closer together. Come back to center and open your eyes.

What did you feel? Do you feel warmth or tingling in your palms? Are you relaxed? With this exercise you are experiencing the feeling your own energy. It is a good way for you to check in with yourself, and to calm your whole being.

Take time every week to check in with your energy in the following ways:

Look at your health aura: Your health aura, from what I perceived reading about Pranic Healing® is a white layer within your aura that is about an inch away from your physical body. I have found over the years when your health aura is depleted- that is when you first start feeling like you are “coming down with something”. Using your spirit self/intuition, ask your body to see your health aura. -It should be comfortably thick in nature. Personally I think it is best to try and keep your health aura at least 6 inches thick at all times. The thicker your health aura is, the harder it will be for unwanted energies to reach your physical body.

Replenish your health aura: Ask your body to see your health aura. Using your hands- feel the energy like you did in the exercise above. Point your palms facing your body and center them both at the area of depletion. Visualize your hands gently and slowly stretching your health aura (away from the body-outward) so it expands out in front of you, making it thicker. Keep doing it until it settles in, it might take a few times. Congratulations, you are done. Taking about 5 to 10 minutes per week to replenish your health aura will make it possible for you to have better immunity towards common colds and flu’s, no matter the season.

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