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Happy Birthday Steve Carell!

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Steve Carrell Happy Birthday Steve Carell!

Actor, comedian and writer Steve Carell is one of those“quiet” Leos. That is to say quiet – for a Leo! He gets your attention with an odd kind of understatement. Plenty of stage savvy, not the least bit afraid of the camera, but he doesn’t always push it. He can make people laugh just by holding still. He’s not flashy or flamboyant yet he entertains with the best of them.

Life Magazine nominated Steve Carell as “America’s funniest man” and I tend to agree. He’s high on my list of funny guys. What’s in his chart that makes him so funny? Well, the first place I look is Mercury which is planet of the mind. His is in Virgo which is this sign’s ruler so it’s happy here.  People who have this placement have a keen, piercing intellect and can zero in on required information like a hawk on a mouse.

Action planet Mars is in Gemini, also ruled by Mercury. Speech and writing are Gemini territory and Steve Carell’s writing skills have won him awards and kudos in the entertainment industry. His goal in College was to be a radio broadcaster and he was in fact a deejay at a local radio station. His clear, pleasing voice carries the laughs even further when the words get a bit vicious.

What makes Steve Carell unique is that his Mercury is conjunct Pluto – now, this is where it starts getting interesting…People who have this aspect have a razor-sharp mind that doesn’t miss details but their best mental strength is the ability to see right to the heart of the matter without getting distracted by meaningless information. These people speak with great authority and such persuasion that in general, people listen. Cynicism can be a danger, as is always looking on the dark side of things but when you think about it that’s what comedy actually is.

To top it all off Jupiter, planet of optimism, opposes both Mercury and Pluto so this means overstating or exaggerating communication is par for the course. These people can be fanatical and overbearing with their opinions so it’s a good thing he found comedy to vent this energy.

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