The Astrologer Daily: August 12th, 2012
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Handling Criticism

A Shamanic Journey with BearHandling-Cristicism

By:  Lisa M. Miller, BAP Psychic Medium

I do not take criticism well and sometimes become defensive as a reaction to what I perceive as an attack on who I am, how I act, or how I react to a situation, which creates an inner and sometimes outer show of frustration.   Always seeking a way to overcome a weakness in character is what created an opportunity to seek guidance through a Shamanic Journey with my trusty female grizzly I will simply call Bear (revealing your guides name gives away your power).  Shamanic Journeying is a way to receive guidance from your higher self through the form of a power animal that reveals itself to you in your first Shamanic Journey.  Trusting what you receive in a Shamanic Journey is an excellent tool for working with your gift of intuition just as journeying is a way to build a stronger relation to one’s self.  Bear and I have built a solid relationship of mutual respect, and our journeys together have been a source of enlightenment.

Bear and I arrived at the bottom of a snowy mountain range, the wind whipping snow all around.  We walked together into a wide, clear stream, stepping over river stones in order as we made our way to stand in the center.  Bear told me to think of the water as the criticism, and directed me to walk up stream, away from her.  I found it difficult to do, embarrassed as I stumbled along, tripping along clumsily.  I wanted to stop, but knew there was a point to this; a lesson I would learn.  After struggling for what seemed an eternity, she then told me to stand in the center of the stream with my feet spread out and to firmly plant myself so that I would remain steady.  Although this was a bit better, I still felt off balance.  To correct this, Bear offered the advice that by lifting my arms in a ‘y’ shape, I would create balance and begin to bring in the divine energies would assist me, now and always.

Bear asked if I felt the water, which I did.  Water and criticism became one, weakening my determination, diminishing my accomplishments, burning my sensitive skin with shame.   Calmly and quietly she spoke formerly (as she often does).  “You do not need to feel it.  When you start to feel the criticism, rise above it.  Rise up on the wind by using the element of air.  Feel the cool breeze upon you anytime you feel the heat of frustration.  Balance.

Remember this and learn this: you do not need to feel everything.  You can choose not to feel the criticism.  Just as you stand in the flowing water and cannot stop the flow, you will not stop the criticism.  It is not yours to stop.  Let it pass around you and if need be, step out of it, above it.  Use the cool wind to raise you up, soothe you and calm you.  You will then be above it.  Listen to what is being said, but do not absorb what you think you hear.  Frustration is not necessary, as you are the one to change your own reality, the perception of all thoughts and sounds.  Own this power”.

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