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Halloween’s Stones and Crystals: Honoring All Hallow’s Eve

 Halloween’s Stones and Crystals: Honoring All Hallow’s Eve

As a kid, Halloween was probably my most favorite holiday, next to Christmas, because it meant we got to dress up, pretend and get candy! As an adult, I think I have replaced that joy with another, and that is rock collecting! Each year, I find more and more precious gems and stones that continue to amaze me! This Halloween, I would love to share some of my all time favorite Halloween’s Stones and Crystals relating to the season.

Dragon Blood Jasper: is a magical stone designed by nature and capturing a rich “dragon green” matrix (epidote) that is dotted with deep red drops of “dragon’s blood” (really, red piedmontite). Energetically, this crystal is helpful for enhancing our vital Qi or life force energy. It is a stone for strength and courage.

Due to its coloring it is also associated with the Heart Chakra. It therefore, brings the etheric body’s lower energies, the physical, emotional and ego body to meet and match the benevolence of the Heart energy.hagstone_Halloween's Stones and Crystals_omtimes

This stone helps one find the powers of love, forgiveness and compassion, the exact energies used to tame the “inner dragon”. As with all jasper stones, dragon stone works steadily rather than rapidly. This stone is a methodical and meticulous worker of  practical, down to earth solutions, hence the red piedmontite. The exceptional mineral make-up, makes this stone one of the most powerful and dynamic of the stones in this family.

Hag Stone: Hag Stone: or otherwise known as a Witch Stone, Hol(e)y Stones or Adder Stone have occupied myth and magick for centuries. Used by farmers, people seeking protection and magickal minded people, Hag stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole inside them. Often discovered in fields or along coastal beaches, lakes or streams.

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